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Friction welded Piston rods


We weld hydraulic cylinder piston rods.

Materials that can be welded as part of this application include C45 IH, 20MnV6, 34CrNi, 42CrMo4, AISI431, 38MnSiVS5, Ck35, etc. It’s often necessary for forged or machined components to be welded to these rods.

We use our friction welding machine to weld these forged or machined components to piston rods. The result is a fully penetrative weld (surface weld). Both components are forged into one piece.

We can process diameters ranging between approximately 20 mm and 90 mm.

Besides friction welding, we provide added services by performing pre- or post-machining on one of our CNC controlled lathes. This enables us to supply a complete product from start to finish if required.

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